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By blending handcrafted art,
evidence-based science, and advanced technology, we can create the function and aesthetics for great oral health both today and in the future.
What We Use

CEREC PrimeScan

How it Works

CEREC PrimeScan

CEREC Primescan offers a remarkable solution for capturing intricate, high-definition images showcasing the intricate contours within the oral cavity. Serving as a compact handheld device, CEREC Primescan deftly glides over teeth and gums while patients are comfortably seated in the dental chair. Patients are impressed by how effortlessly and quickly it captures the mouth’s surfaces, swiftly constructing a flawless digital model. The outcome is a meticulously detailed digital impression, magnifying the dentist’s view during an examination.



Eliminates the mess and discomfort associated with traditional dental impressions

Completely radiation-free in its operation

Elevates patient communication through crystal-clear visualizations.

i-CAT Technology

How it Works

i-CAT Technology

The i-CAT is a 3D cone beam imaging tool that captures several views of the oral and maxillofacial structures. This technology offers a faster scan than traditional 2D radiographs, capturing all necessary images in less than a minute. Using adjustable settings, we can customize the field of view and magnify points of interest.

One of the most beneficial aspects of i-CAT technology is that it emits 90% less radiation than traditional x-ray devices. The result is a more high quality, high accuracy image than what can be achieved through conventional methods. Advances in modern dentistry have made it possible to provide patients with a more accurate diagnosis and a fully customized treatment plan. Put simply, it is a responsible approach to patient care.



More conservative than traditional x-rays

Fully digital, allowing immediate review and transfer of files to specialist

CEREC PrimeMill

How it Works

CEREC PrimeMill

CEREC Primemill represents an advanced CAD/CAM milling unit, elevating dental restorations to a new level. The PrimeMill improves our speed, precision, and flexibility by establishing a new standard for comprehensive patient care.



It can make high-quality crowns, bridges, and other restorations in just a few minutes, reducing treatment time.

Since restorations are on-site, patients often require fewer appointments, making the treatment more convenient.

The digital impressions used by Primemill are often more comfortable for patients than traditional dental impressions.

The advanced technology provides customized, highly precise restorations that fit perfectly, enhancing the patient’s comfort and dental health.

The materials used by Primemill are solid and durable, ensuring that the wide range of restoration types lasts for an extended period.

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